Let’s talk thankfulness

Let’s talk thankfulness…

Here at The Larger Company, we have so much to be thankful for, and most of that is because of our loyal clients.

2017 has been a busier year for us, which is fantastic, because it is so great for business! However, with increased workload, comes a longer wait list for installs. Being a relationship-based company that strives for client satisfaction, install dates being scheduled months in advance versus our normal three to four weeks has been a hard pill to swallow. With that being said, we continue to deliver the same high-quality products and personal attention and will be forever grateful for your business.

Another gift we are thankful for are the ever-changing and improving design ideas our clients think up! This year, word has spread that we like to try different design concepts, and this has given us the opportunity to build some really fun projects for some amazing people.

We even created a new brochure to help inspire some new ideas for our clients. We also highly encourage our clients to bring in their unique ideas, so that we can help bring them to life. We love being a custom wrought iron shop, and in our experience, client participation throughout the project has been more enjoyable on both ends, and leads to guaranteed satisfaction at installation!

We are also thankful for our customers and their referrals! Most of our new clients this year have come from your referrals. As a company, the satisfaction of our clients is our main goal, so these referrals let us know that we’ve done the job right for you all.

We also wanted to mention how thankful we are for the amazing companies that work with us to help create beautiful wrought iron projects! Thank you to Dale’s Doors N’ Windows, for not only your referrals, but for helping us find those harder to find, specialty hardware. Thank you to Elegant Iron, for sandblasting, plasma cutting, and powder coating on many of our projects. Thank you to Signal Gates for working with us on those select projects that needed electronic assistance. And finally, thank you to Sign Magic for your expertise in hanging and lighting some of the sign work we have done throughout the year.

WOW, we sure do have a lot to be thankful for! We want to hear what you’re thankful for this holiday season, so please share by leaving a comment below or on our company page.

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