Let’s Talk Rust

Let’s talk Rust: Many of our customers like the Rust Finish. They like the low maintenance, the natural look, and its uniqueness. The gates, fences, doors, all of it, look great rusted. However, there are some things we want our customers to know. They might seem obvious to some, but to others it is something they hadn’t considered.

Consider this:

  • First: Rust never stops rusting. This means that, over time, the rust will drip onto your ground. To many, that’s fine because it’s the look they want, however, rust doesn’t care if it’s dirt, sidewalk, or driveway – more often than not, it will leave its mark.
  • Second: Rust does not rust evenly. It will look natural and unique because it is! It is ever-changing, too. As the air and water oxidize, the steel will change.
  • Third: Rust cannot be painted over, it must be sanded down to be repainted, or the continued rusting process will crack and destroy the paint. Simply put; Paint vs. Rust, rust wins!
  • Fourth: Something that is often a surprise to our customers – a Rust Finish costs more. The process to sand or sandblast the steel and rust it in the right time frame, and adding a clear coat of paint to slow the rusting process down a little, takes a lot of time. We love doing it and seeing how each project turns out differently, but, it is not without its peculiarities.