Let’s talk… Plasma cutting

We’re having so much fun with our new plasma cutter!

Designing, creating, and installing new and unique items are easier and so much more fun now that we have a cutter in the shop. In the past if a client wanted a personal design, like the customer who came in and wanted a cut-out on his door that matched his tattoo, we would have to draw it up and work with outside vendors. It is now all done here!

The process: Many clients ask how we get started on their projects. Getting the vision or idea of what you want to create is the first and hardest part. We will meet with you and transfer the idea of your dreams to the computer, then let the plasma cutter do it’s work!

Some things we have used the plasma cutter for: It can create a cut-out design to put on doors, window guards, enclosures, gates, and more. Some examples of that are: a cute little quail family, a palm tree one family wanted on their enclosure, lizards, pots, and many more! It can create an 8-foot mountain range, which I will show you later in a photo blog of our office wall design. The plasma cutter also helps us to create signs, business card holders, picture frames, and utility covers.

Many of our doors and other projects use items cut out by a plasma cutter. It is a wonderful advancement for our company! Having one of our own has made turning our clients’s dreams into a much more manageable reality and fully in-house process.

Examples of plasma cut projects:

Plasma cut scroll design with words

Plasma cut scrolls and words