Let’s Talk Local

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a custom designed product just the way you want it? We live in a day and age where many things are mass produced overseas, but what about those of us looking for that unique, locally made, custom designed product.

Sadly, the art of craftsmanship is fading away for the sake of saving money and time. There was a time if you wanted something, like a fence or a gate, you would have to find a local company to create and install it for you. Today you can give the dimensions online and have it delivered right to your home, often sacrificing your vision.  Taking the time to find a local business that values creativity and quality could be the answer to not only your needs but your wants. There is a lot to be said for personal one-on-one service, unique vision and custom designs. Odds are there are many businesses and craftsman willing to go above and beyond to provide not only quality but creative products and services to you and at a fair price!

Choosing to keep it local not only benefits your vision, but our economy as a whole. By supporting local vendors, we open up jobs to those we care about. It is a proven fact that one of the best ways to boost an economy is by investing in it.

Some great things to think about before your next purchase:

  • Is there a local merchant who sells what you need?
  • Many local merchants are online too! Which means you can order from home and still keep the business in Tucson.
  • Are you sacrificing your vision by choosing to go to a big box retailer?
  • A strong community is one with residents who invest in the community!
  • Shopping locally almost always ensures you’ll be provided that one-on-one service.

At The Larger Company many of our customers come to us looking for a custom design, whether they need a screen door, gate, or other wrought iron project. When they call they are usually looking for something different from their neighbor, unique to just them. As a locally owned company we take our customers and their vision seriously. Here are a couple examples of the unique service local businesses can provide:

  • One customer we recently helped out was looking for a gate to match a light fixture, a request a major retailer would not have been able to satisfy, but was no problem for us.
  • A fellow local-business owner needed several security doors, all different sizes, different locks, a small fence, and different gates. We worked alongside the business, kept it local, and the client was fully satisfied!

A custom design is all about what YOU want. Many local Tucson companies, like The Larger Company, can build a specific product for each individual customer. You don’t have to rely on finding what you’re looking for to be in a catalog. You might be paying a bit more to go this route, but I guarantee the custom design, quality of work, and investment in your own community far outweighs the difference. Getting into Spring may mean you have some quick household paint jobs on your to-do’s, or you’re looking to add a new security screen door, or are looking to buy a swing set — look local first guarantee you won’t regret it!

Custom enclosure. Customer came down previewed and added their own paint touch ups at install. You can see through the perforated metal screen. The gap at the bottom was the customers request, we have no gaps at the bottom of our doors and all doors include a door sweep.

Two-tone powder coated products cannot be welded after paint. Our guys designed a way of powdering them separately, welding in the cutouts after the paint is done. The custom arch adds nicely to the look.