Let’s talk… Fresh Air!

Happy New Year! Though it is hard to tell with the amazing weather we are having, we are still in the midst of
Winter. Many are still recouping from their holiday celebrations and getting back into the grind of work and school.
Here at The Larger Company, we are hoping everyone is starting off on the right foot and enjoys a happy and
prosperous 2018.
Here in Southern Arizona, we are lucky enough to be able to truly enjoy the outdoors and fresh air! Most of us in
Tucson know just how to enjoy the cool breeze. One of the best ways to bring in the fresh air is with the use of
your iron security doors, which can be found on many homes in the area. Some of you maybe have yet to have
one installed in your home, or inherited a door that either isn’t quite your taste, or wasn’t installed to allow you to
safely leave your main door open. Consider allowing us to give you a free estimate on a security door or a custom
enclosure to ensure you’re able to comfortably and safely enjoy the fresh air for years to come.
We can come out to discuss design with you while developing the free estimate. The estimate Jeff will provide
includes the cost to design, build, standard primer, paint, hardware, a door sweep or threshold, and installation.
At The Larger Company, there are no hidden costs nor surprises. All prices that have been offered are honored
for up to 30 days from submission.
One price says it all!
If you want a powder coat finish, we can do that!
If you like the rusted look, no problem!
We build all of our products to please you, the customer. We welcome our clients to come in to preview projects
before we hard weld it to ensure throughout the process their needs and wants are being met. If needed and able,
we will even honor last minute requests, and do all that we can to keep your project within your budget.
So, if your 2018 goals and resolutions include improving your home by bringing in or getting out into the fresh
Tucson breeze, give us a call today to get the process started!
Check out some of the custom-built Security Screen Doors and Enclosures we’ve designed for our clients,
allowing them to let the fresh air in!

Double French Door with a border, ocotillo, and 2 kokopelli.

ocotillo screen door and enclosure image


Security door, rust finish, with sun rays and a hawk.

Patio Security Screen Door split design with quail family.