Let’s talk design cutouts:

A large part of our business and the need for a plasma cutter is for cutouts. Cutouts are the steel plate designs you see on many of our doors, special art features, and other items that make it unique and personal.

The first thing a client has to decide is the design. They can choose pretty much anything unique and special that is personal to them; it is sketched on paper and then drawn by our artist technician to the computer. Many of our designs have already been set up in the computer such as our cactus, pots, chevron, and other more common designs having them ready to add to a project.

The second thing that is decided on between us and our client is the gauge, thickness, of the steel. With most of the designs the gauge of the steel is common. However being a custom wrought iron shop gives us the freedom to tweak the steel as well as the design.

Lastly the cutout is given a hanger, stand, or added to a project which we deliver and install.

Here are a few samples of cutouts: