Let’s Talk About Harvest

We are a custom wrought iron company. What does that mean for our customers?  We can fabricate and install unique ideas.

It’s October (which means Fall, Halloween, and Harvest), and many people are planning their Halloween and harvest decorations. Do you like bats, snakes, scarecrows, or harvest plants? Have you considered seeing them made in steel?  The unique idea of yard art or home decorations using your personal idea is a fun way to express yourself. As a custom wrought iron company, we enjoy designing and building unique ideas.

Yard art and security doors are just a small sample of the work we can provide. We can create trellis’, book shelves, railings, cabinets, lamps, and so much more.  For example, we had a client come into our office with a metal shopping cart that was not sturdy enough for her. We were able to design and build a better base for it with a handle that was stronger and taller.

As I mentioned, it is Fall, so those fun animal or harvest-inspired cutouts can be used in a number of ways! We have used the bat cutouts for display pieces, additions on one of our custom built BBQ grills, as well as gifts for different organizations.  

If these out-of-the-box ideas aren’t what you’re looking for, we can all agree that this time of the year, with cooler mornings and evenings, are what we look forward to all year. Have you considered a security door, gate, or window guard with a spider web design or unique cutouts? Imagine it: a cool breeze blowing through your custom built security door; doesn’t that sound just perfect? If something out of the ordinary is what you like, give us a call – we would love to hear your ideas and help bring them to life.

black bat flying powder coated black with red background
blue shopping cart metal image

modified to be sturdy and not tip, shopping cart

coiled rattle snake about to strike raw steel with a rusted steel background