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The Larger Company has over 32 years experience serving the Greater Tucson and Green Valley areas building high quality security screen doors. We work hand-in-hand with all of our clients to guarantee that our creation will meet your exact requirements.

We offer a wide range of metal work to fit your needs. Security screen doors, window guards, gates, fences, furniture, decorative pieces, and we can even repair your existing metal work. If you think it, we can make it, or we will refer you to someone who can.

All our doors are custom built to fit your home. They have steel perforated screens that are welded to the door so the inside is smooth with no unsightly screws. They also have heavy-duty wrought iron frames, deadbolt lock and passage knob or lever, and a full one-year warranty.

Add elegance and individuality to your home without compromising on safety. We offer various styles. And we also do custom designs to fit your specific vision. Whether you like to express your flamboyant personality or prefer a more classically tranquil ambiance, we can match almost any motif. Be confident in your home’s security and artistic magnetism.

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